New Year Malaise

This post is a bit of a departure from the norm. I’m not sure whether it’s an attempt to excuse myself for the lack of blogging or whether I’ve created a brand new syndrome. Either way I’m sorry to tell you that I’m suffering from a bad case of ‘New Year Malaise’.

My life has been a bit crazy, wonderful and scary the last few months. There’s been operations for more than just myself, several house moves, big life decisions and all manner of situations that make you go ‘Whoop! Whoop!’ and ‘Aarrgghh!’ with equal measure. A huge tangle of sublime scariness and wonderful change.

The end result, life has finally calmed down and I’m ridiculously happy in my new home but….. I haven’t really recovered from everything that went before. My routines are all over the place, nothing ever seems to be done on time and by the time I get a moment to think about the blog I envisage tumbleweeds rolling on by, without the energy or inspiration to get beyond the first few lines of a post. I’ll get back to these half-finished entries in time (if I can actually make anything half decent out of them) but for now I decided it might be far more cathartic and honest to just write about what’s been going on. You may have seen little snippets or pics if you follow me on Instagram (incidentally how about following me once you’ve finished this post 😉 )

In Progress

In Progress

I’ve developed a new found love of Chalk Paint, specifically Autentico. Our new home had a fireplace that was suffering a bad case of the 90s and after a couple of weeks I could stand the weird Faux Cherry wood effect no longer. ½ tin of paint and wax later and I’m much happier with the surround.

Fully painted at Christmas

Fully painted at Christmas

I’ve also taken on my parent’s old dining room chairs, I’ve loved them all my life but their tasteful finish and tapestry fabric just wasn’t going to fit in a kitchen. They’re a work in progress as I’m minded not to rush their transformation and make a mistake. For now I’ll just post this little taste of their new paintjob.IMG_0685

In other news I’m feeling very enthusiastic about seeds! Our garden was somewhat unloved and we’ve already started to rip most of it (primarily weeds) out. We have plans for the coming Spring and Summer but for now it’s all prep. I’m sure there will be lots of failures but hopefully some successes too. I’m just annoyed that I can’t start planting anything yet! The snow was glorious the first time around, now I just want spring to appear 🙂

So I’m officially starting this year all over again, with a paintbrush in my hand, a cake by my side and a packet of seeds begging to be planted.

Next up on the blog should be a fabulous craft project (when I finish it lol) so check back for that one and have a wonderful and happy weekend whatever you are doing (I’ve been plodding along a canal)!Abi Day

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