Crumpled Cup Review!

It’s a funny title for a post I admit, but I am honestly reviewing crumpled cups and I love them! As a preferred blogger with CSN Stores I was given another opportunity to review an item and this time I picked 3 Revol Froisses Porcelain Crumpled Cups. I chose the Cappuccino size.

Delivery & Packaging

Delivery was very prompt and by UPS. Packaging was a little lacking unfortunately. The 3 cups come in a plastic tube and this was slightly squashed. However the cups were unharmed, but a squashed tube wouldn’t be great if you were giving these as a gift.

Do the Cups Work?

Yes, although you may have noticed that my picture shows them full of sweets rather than coffee. This is partially because I think they look very cute used in this way and partly because, with the absence of a handle it’s quite hard to hold them if they have a hot drink inside. Coffee made with a coffee machine is usually not too hot though, but water straight from a kettle would be.

Would I recommend this item?

Without a doubt. I adore quirky items in my home and these have already been quite the talking point. They do come in other colours, but I don’t think you can beat the plain white for looking like an original plastic cup which has been squashed. I would dearly love to receive items like this for Christmas and I’m sure others would too. Apparently they are used in rather posh cafes in Paris and because they are available in different sizes there should be something to suit everyone.

CSN stores

I’ve had an email asking me to do another review for CSN stores, I’ve done a few for them before so was more than glad to take them up on the opportunity once more. The only problem I ever have is choosing what to review, they have several online stores selling everything from cookware and lighting to bedroom furniture! Decisions, decisions…

I really love this place!

You probably know by now that I am a fan of CSN stores, the only problem I ever have is choosing which items I like, with over 200 stores selling everything from wardrobes to fitness equipment there is a lot of choice!

I am very pleased to have been offered another opportunity to review an item, the question now is how will I ever choose! I will give it some serious thought and hopefully have a new review for you all soon 🙂