Our Desk Safari Pics

Do you ever find yourself bored of an afternoon? Or catch yourself staring out of the window at the drab British weather and wish you were anywhere but here? Then perhaps you’ll enjoy the phenomenon that is Desk Safari! The craze was born out of bored office workers taking comical photos of colleagues that appeared to combine their heads with the bodies of tropical animals.

It’s a ridiculously fun way to waste some time that is sure to bring hilarity to all those who take part. Once I heard that there was a competition over at theimum.com  I knew I had to have a go, aided not by pictures of animals I found on Google but my obliging (read bribed with treats) pets. In fact we had so much fun that I have a few Desk Safari pics, I’ll start with my personal favourite that sees my pet Dalmatian combined with our resident Crow!


It’s no mean feat lining up a Dalmatian to take a comical photograph so I’m quite proud of this one. In fact getting the photo of a fast flying crow was rather difficult too!

Next we flipped the traditional desk safari pictures on their head by combining my dogs head with my daughters body!


Makes me giggle everytime I look at it!

Finally I thought I better have a go and combined myself with Mr Dog.


We had so much fun taking these pictures but it’s surprisingly hard to line yourself up perfectly :) Especially when you have a photobombing dog roaming around who just loves to make you laugh mid take, see this blooper photo!dogphotobomb

Desk Safari Competition


Having a fantastical time at Rowtor Rocks in Derbyshire!

Rowtor RocksI’m lucky enough to live in a county that can boast some spectacular scenery, but it’s rare I actually find somewhere new that I haven’t visited before. Last weekend was one of those scarce occasions, I took a trip with my Father and son to Rowtor Rocks in Derbyshire (also called Druids caves).

Rowtor RocksLocated in the village of Birchover it’s a fantastic location unspoilt by health and safety!! That means no barriers or fencing, no warnings, this place is wild and you have to watch your step lest you fall down a hole or roll off a cliff! The advantage of course if that you can view the area without restrictions and appreciate the untouched beauty of this amazing location. I can’t emphasize enough though the need to watch your step and keep a tight hold of any children.

Rowtor RocksWalking up a small path reveals a collection of apparently man made caves carved from the Derbyshire rocks, you can walk through these and if you’re small enough (like my son) even climb through a few. A torch may be required but none of the caves are too deep, however lighting reveals cutting marks and even a giant spider or two!

Rowtor RocksWalking above the caves you can find an amazing network of carved stairs and seats, make sure you pose for a photo or three! I must admit there was something quite Lord of the Rings about it all, I just need some pointy ears and I would have felt very at home :)

Rowtor RocksThis rock hangs over a steep drop and we thought it resembled a lions head, although my husband saw an old man.

Rowtor RocksFor fans of the classic movie ‘The Princess Bride’ you’ll be pleased to hear that Birchover was used as one of the filming locations along with other sites in Derbyshire.

Rowtor RocksRowtor rocks also provides a great background for a silly photo! Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.



Fellowes AeraMax Air Purifier Review – Help with Hayfever!

Every summer I relish the bright blue skies and rising temperatures that summer brings but my glee is short lived when hayfever strikes and my sleep suffers. In my quest to feel well enough to actually enjoy the whole of summer I’m bringing you my Fellowes AeraMax Air Purifier Review, specifically the AeraMax DX55 Air Purifier. It claims to be able to zap away all the nasty things that lurk unseen within our homes, theoretically this would help hayfever sufferers to live and sleep at ease. It would also work for a myriad of other airborne particles.

Air Purifier_image 002

Having tried a different air purifier in the past (admittedly it was a very cheap one) and finding that it didn’t really help much I was hopeful about the AeraMax and sceptical all rolled into one.

IMG_8221Setting Up

The machine arrived well protected within it’s cardboard box and it’s surprisingly light for its size. The only setting up is the insertion of the filter, which just pops inside a side drawer.Aeramax Air Purifier Review

Starting Up

The AeraMax is very easy to use but you have to read the manual to understand what the various buttons actually do. However the basic gist is to turn the machine on at the back and it will set itself to auto and analyse the air which adjusts the fan speed accordingly. If you suffer from hayfever and feel the air needs a boost then press the plus sign button. You can also control the fan speeds manually if you prefer. The circular sensor changes colour depending on the air quality in the room, blue is good, amber roughly medium and red is poor.

Air Purifier_image 001

But does it work!?

All the fancy controls and science blurb don’t mean much if a product doesn’t actually work… however the AeraMax DX55 does! I’ve been sleeping sneeze free since it arrived and I even leave it on during the day, I think I’m semi addicted to the fresh feeling it creates and the lack of allergies is most appealing.

IMG_8382During the first few days of testing my youngest caught a bug and kept waking through wheeziness and coughing. I popped the air purifier in his room and he slept straight through, I’m convinced this really helped him. Plus neither of his siblings caught the virus and I can only assume that is because the AeraMax zapped the bugs out of the air before they inhaled them!

Would I recommend this machine?

I honestly think that every home should have one whether your problem is hayfever, dust, stagnant air or any other airborne woe. This machine will give you a fresh and clean environment that I don’t think can be matched. I basically love this little device.

Could it be improved in anyway?

I think it would look quite funky in matt black, as it is it reminds a little too much of a dehumidifier at present but I’m being really picky coming up with that one.

Are there other sizes available for smaller/larger rooms?

There are indeed, pop on over to the Fellowes website to see the full range.

Air Purifier_image 003